The Lullaby Project

A non-profit 501(c)(3) with the mission of preserving and disseminating lullabies of all cultures


Thai mom and baby in swing


Thank you for your interest in The Lullaby Project.

There are many ways you can support us.

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of all those who make this project possible.


Anita Gerlach



All those who donate will have their names or business names affixed to Annual Reports.


Ways you can help:

Donate online: Your donations through the mail or through Paypal are secure. Your information will be added to our donor database,, but will not be sold or shared with any other organizations or companies.

Corporate matching gifts: Many companies will match donations. Check with your employers human resources department.

Sponsorships: You can sponsor a single song, an album production or all costs of an entire CD.

Stock transfers: Consider donating gifts in the form of electronic stock transfers. Contact Anita Gerlach at 505-757-6021 or

Donate air miles: Our project requires a lot of travel and this is one of our biggest expenses. By donating unused air miles you can greatly assist us in obtaining more threatened lullabies.

Estate planning: There is no better way to leave your legacy than to use it to preserve the rich heritage of lullabies of the world.

Volunteer your time and talent:


Founder's Circle

Join our Founder's Circle and make a big difference. With an annual gift of $1,000 or more you hold an important role in sustaining this project.All in the Founder's Circle receive a CD and are acknowledged in all brochures and programs, on the liner of the CD they contributed to, and linked to on our website.


Sponsor a song



Sponsor the production of one CD of lullabies



Underwrite the travel and recording of 30 lullabies of one language - the language of your choice.

All donors are given a CD, placed on our email list, and recognized in brochures and by a letter of acknowledgement for tax purposes


Lullaby Angels

Donate your air miles so we can record more lullabies


Silver Circle

Donation of $50


Gold Circle

Donation of $100


Platinum Circle

Donation of $250


Wish list:

Air miles for travel

Hotel rooms for travel

Video equipment

Audio equipment

Bookkeeping services